The revolution will be decentralized and fueled by the question of what is existence.

Short Bio
Built by a German migrant family in Brazil, bt3ย moved to New Yorkย with a full scholarship for her Ph.D. in theoretical physics atย Stony Brook Universityย (human-made borders are a weird concept, aren'tย they?). As a physicist,ย bt3ย wasย aย thriving scientific researcher, collaborating directlyย atย national laboratories such as Los Alamos, Brookhaven, and NASA Goddard Space Center.ย ย 
Later, she adapted her avatar's algorithm to becomeย post-quantum resistant, allowing her to become a vagrantย crypto cyborgย (also known as aย nomad software engineer).ย  She held that position at Shopify, Apple, Yelp, Etsy, and some tech startups.ย 
After existing for a few years in NYC, the Bay Area, Los Angeles,ย  Hawai'i, and Berlin, bt3ย has become a high tech low lifeย d34dc0d3.ย She now works on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologiesย (focusing on engineering problems, arts, economics, and civil rights).

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