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"With a background in theoretical physics + computer hacking and a zest for idiosyncratic storytelling, bt3 brings the scientific method and a multi-cultural ethos to digital expression." - mother.

Short Bio:
Born in Brazil from a german migrant family, bt3 moved to New York with a full scholarship for her Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the prestigious Stony Brook University (borders are a weird concept, aren't they?). During that time, bt3 was a thriving researcher, collaborating directly at national laboratories such as Los Alamos, Brookhaven, and NASA Goddard. bt3 also holds a successful career in tech, on a quest to help make reality less daunting for underdogs (why? to honor father's memory, but this is another story).
After living for a few years in NYC, the Bay Area, Hawai'i, and Los Angeles, bt3 is now virtually everywhere, helping foster a community of like-minded-kind-hearted-non-NPCs searching for philosophical ventures in this fascinating galaxy we exist on. 

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